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From the Founder…

Dear Reader,

As an Entrepreneur, marketer and coach, Integrabiz has been a long time coming and is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication from myself and others in providing Australian individuals, businesses and organisations with a personalised one stop coaching gateway.

We have been able to take the guess work out of matching clients with coaches, and have developed a pathway to provide coaching on a mass scale through the partnership with membership based organisations by providing a backend coaching service to their clients.

It is a joy to work with such wonderful coaches and clients on a daily basis and see the amazing results achieved… all from the art of conversation on behalf of our coaches, the courageous action taken by our clients, and willingness of organisations to partner with us to offer such a transformational service to their members.

If you have never used our service before, I invite you to take advantage of our complimentary session to experience first hand the value of coaching… you will be glad you did.


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Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy

Who we work with

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Integrabiz Clients are diverse and use our matching service to find a coach or a tailor made coaching solution that is best suited to their individual and organisation's needs.

Business Owners use Integrabiz as a matching service to find a business coach that caters to their industry and or goals. Through coaching they are able to achieve better profits, staff retention, and renewed vision. Coaching is their catalyst for growth.

Private Individual clients use Integrabiz as a matching service to find their perfect coach. Through coaching they are able to co-create a life that is integrated, and a true expression of who they are and love to be; in short - their exceptional life!

Corporate Organisations use Integrabiz to help them create a tailored coaching solution that assists them to move successfully through the organisational change process and/or provide their employees with a value added service that creates excellence in the workplace and develops leadership within their organisation.

Membership Based Organisations (eg. A Gym; A Social or Sporting Club) partner with Integrabiz to provide them with their own branded back-end coaching service to their employees, members or clients - run by Integrabiz.

The Education Sector uses our Creative Futures programs.

Our Values

Our value in relationship means that we go to all sorts of measure to truly connect with you, your business or organisation. We believe that the deeper the understanding of you and what you want to achieve results in an outstanding outcome for everyone.

We like to think we are a Network Generator.

Happy People

Our determination to have our clients succeed means we offer them referrals to other contacts we work with that may assist them with their vision. Others who may have a shared vision or goal, or that they are able to build alliances with.

Integrabiz - Strange Name…

Coaching with Integrity, Integration of our business with yours - it's fresh, it's different, it's growing, it is us. It contains what we do integrating coaching into businesses and coaching on a mass scale to the community, and contains our core value ˜ integrity. Its pronounced In-teg-ra-biz.

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