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FAQs - Coaching Overview

If you can't quickly find an answer to your specific question don't hesitate to give us a call direct on 1300 249 262, it's quick, easy and you will get all the answers you need straight away. Alternatively contact us via email. We look forward to speaking with you.

  1. Coaching is a holistic approach, involving interactive dialogue focused on creating balanced solutions in all aspects of the situation presented in the session. 

    The coach client partnership creates a thinking playground that is a safe, secure and exciting place to play.  This non judgemental and private space allows exploration of the situation with complete honesty, wonder and curiosity, resulting in greater awareness, clarity, stress relief, and abandoment of fear and worry in what may be considered difficult situations. 

    Simultaneouly you will be developing clearer parameters for further decision making and creating ‘out of the box’ stragegies and solutions that simply, just work.  Empahsis is placed on practical tools that can be applied to make a different to your situation. 

    What is Coaching

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  2. A coach is not a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, business advisor or consultant.

    A coach will not tell you what to do; they will dialogue with you so you gain clarity in what you need and or want to do.  A coach does not deal in the past, instead focuses on the future.

    Einstein defined insanity as “Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results”.  Your coach will work with you to make systematic, strategic, pragmatic, well thought out and agreed changes in order for you to experience the result you want.

    Important:  For Life Coaching clients.  Coaching does not deal with mental illness, high levels of anxiety or depression. It is recommended that treatment is obtained from a clinical psychiatrist or psychologist in these cases.  Coaches are attuned to recognise these conditions and will refuse to work with you unless an agreement has been made that ongoing medical treatment is undertaken concurrently during the partnership.


  3. In short - a Mentor is generally considered to be older, and has walked the specific path you are walking, earlier.  A consultant will have specific industry experience and tell you what to do. 


    A coach will empower you by asking you powerful questions and create a dialogue with you to create awareness around your situation so you can decide what you want to do, and how you are going to do it.  A coach is focused on action! (a no navel gazing zone)

  4. Currently the coaching industry is unregulated and anybody can call themselves a "coach". The difference between a properly trained, qualified and experienced coach is as wide as the difference between a first aid officer and a top cardiac surgeon.

    An untrained and unexperienced coach does not possess nor comprehend the knowledge to even understand exactly what coaching is, the process it involves, and lacks all the qualities, tools and techniques for you to experience the results you are paying for. 

    These 'coaches' my appear to have the right tools or assessments (easyly downloadable from the net), but with out the studied skills and techniques to make meaning and consequence with them it is like someone using a bandaid proclaiming to be a nurse or doctor.  They do not know what they don't know. 

    Good News:  Integrabiz's thorough screening process allows us to spealise in sourcing certified, qualified coaches with proven results taking the guess work out of find your ideal coach. 

    In selecting your coach we suggest you interview all three of your potential coaches to make sure the 'fit' is right.  You will be co-creating a partnership focussed soley on you and what you want to achieve so it is important you feel comfortable in the coaches abilities and that the nature of their personality and coaching style is a good match for you.

    Beware:  If you choose not to use our service, be careful of coaches who make ridiculous claims of being able to bring you anything you desire, who rely on mystical techniques rather than credible, proven methods, or it just doesn't feel right.  Some of the questions you should ask of any coach; and more imporantly action and follow up with are:

    What formal coach specific , training they have had, and how long did it go for; beware of coaches that were able to achieve there certificate in a short period of time.  Credible courses take over a year; some up to four years to complete.  All coaches recommended to you by Integrabiz have reputable qualifications and abide by the International Coach Federations code of ethics.

    Another check that you should definately do, and while it can be cumbesome , time consuming, and for some confrontational, ask the coach if you are able to speak to a former client (that is not a friend, relation or coaching collegue). While the coaching partnership is private and confidential if they are a good coach they will have a number of clients willing to testify and sing their praises.  When you use Integrabiz we do this for you.  As a client of Integrabiz we do take the guess work and time consuming process of enuring you are getting what you paid for. 

    If you are serious about finding a coach, and want the guess work taken away 

    t: 1300 249 262

    or click here to make an online enquiry. 

  5. Ever been to the hairdressers and had a hair cut, and then when you left someone of the opposite sex, different style of hair, colour  comes in and sits down in your place.  The same principle applies in coaching.  People share a lot in common, as coaches we are trained to 'hear' how we can best serve you.  We are coaching YOU not your business, your career, marriage, or kids - change on the outside only occurs after you have changed the inside.


  6. In the first instance we will take your name, telephone number and email address to send you a questionaire that will help us match you with our three most suitable coaches.  

    Once you have filled out this questionaire and returned it to us we will work hard behind the scenes to find three coaches that match your criteria.   We have an extensive in-house database; and with access to private databases within the coaching community and wider industry networks no stone goes unturned to find you your ideal coach.

    Once we have identified three suitable coaches we will forward to you their details and bio.  You are then able to interview them personally to find the one you naturally 'click' with.  Once you have chosen your coach we will set up your first appointment and away you go!

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