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Is paying for coaching worth it.. what is your return on investment.

Integrabiz can Connect you to your Ideal Coach!

So many coaches. Choosing can be confusing, time consuming and frustrating.

Searching the internet or the yellow pages you will find many different coaches. How do you know if they are the right one to meet your unique and individual needs?

Are they appropriately qualified?

Are their fees proportionate to their skill set, the market or the service they offer?

What if you start coaching and you don't like it, or you just don't 'click' with the coach you choose?

Integrabiz is the first and only coaching company in Australia to provide a free personalised and professional, hassle free matching service connecting individuals to their ideal coach.

Our personal and professional service offers to you a coach matching service that provides:

  • Screened qualified coaches
  • Coaches specialising in niche markets
  • Personal, business, and corporate coaches
  • A variety of coaching fees and plans to suit a variety of budgets
  • Is Hassle free saving you wasted time and money on wrong decisions
  • Guaranteed, Risk Free, and at No cost to you

pdf Top 10 Reasons Our Clients use Integrabiz over Other Coaching Providers (32kb PDF Download)

Our hassle free, risk free matching service - as easy as 1- 2- 3.

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  1. Contact Us

    Call or us and our relationship manager will develop a client / coach brief, working with you to ascertain exactly what your are looking for, and what you require in a coach.

  2. Receive your coach recommendation from us

    We contact you with our recommendations telling you a little about the coaches, and why we chose them for you. More…

  3. Receive Your Complimentary Coaching Session

    The complimentary coaching session with your coach is your opportunity to taste­ the experience of coaching, begin a relationship with your coach, and decide then how you want to proceed forward.

    pdf What is the Complimentary Session & How Does it Work?(176kb PDF Download)

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Living You

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Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford

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