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Engage - Discover - Grow

Endigo specialises in creating significant growth for individuals, leaders, teams and couples.  Endigo uses a technology that puts science behind the art of human development. The technology, called Print®, continues to create impactful and lasting results for people both within organizations and in their outside lives.  With the guess work taken out, Print® gets to the core and gives people a system to:

  • leap towards a significant goal
  • handle challenges
  • manage upstream and downstream effectively
  • communicate powerfully
  • get buy-in from others
  • lead with natural strength
  • be confident in their own situation
  • define success and happiness
  • relate effectively to others, handle difficult people and resolve conflict
  • create rich relationships

Endigo is about people excelling with a systematic process to enable them to  Engage.....Discover......Grow

And, it is SO simple. The creators of Print® have put in the hard yards and years to come up with a system that is so easy to use and apply. And, it has been extensively tested and proven with an accuracy rate over 98%.  Your Print is completed via an online survey which takes about 12 minutes. Your tailored report will reveal:

  • what motivates you
  • what natural strengths you have
  • what predictable behaviour you will exhibit
  • what you need to consider to grow to the next stage
  • how you can be most productive
  • how others can enable you to be your best
  • how you best communicate, relate and learn
    and more....

This system has been used to propel people forward in their organizations and lives. Engaging a Licensed Print facilitator will create results when:

  • An Individual wants to Excel
  • A Team needs to Relate More Powerfully to Reach its Goal
  • A Leader wants to be Effective Upstream and Downstream
  • The Organisation wants People to Embrace Change
  • A Sales Team wants to Achieve Higher Goals
  • The Organisation wants to Know and Leverage its Culture
  • The Organisation wants to Grow
  • Two People want to Enhance their Relationship
  • The Organisation wants to Create Internal Competence in Print® to Achieve any of the above.

Combining Print with Performance Coaching creates dynamic and lasting results for individuals and organizations.  Several Integrabiz coaches are Licenced Faciliators of the Print Program; be sure to let us know you are interested.


Virtual PA Solutions

Virtual PA Solutions

Would you like to be able to dedicate more of your own time towards building your business?  Let Virtual Personal Assistant (PA) Solutions (VPAS) show you how!
The staff at VPAS provide high level administrative support for busy professionals and entrepreneurs.  We offer a broad range of services from general typing, bookkeeping, travel co-ordination and event management right through to personal shopping!

There are many benefits of hiring a Virtual PA, such as:

1. No office overheads or expenses such as IT and stationery;
2. No WorkCover, Superannuation, Sick Leave or Annual Leave payments or absences;
3. No training costs incurred
4. You pay for the our time, not yours
5. Available around the clock, so your tasks are being done while you sleep!

To find out more about the service range and packages, contact Director & Virtual PA, Kelly Tredwell

For more information visit their website

YWCA Australia

YWCA Australia

YWCA Australia is a national association of the World YWCA one of the world’s oldest and largest women’s organisation represented in 122 countries, with a global outreach of 25 million worldwide.

The vision of YWCA Australia is of a fully inclusive world where peace, justice, freedom, human dignity, reconciliation and diversity are promoted and sustained through women’s leadership.

YWCA Australia is a women’s membership organisation nourished by its roots in the Christian faith and sustained by the richness of many beliefs and values. Strengthened by diversity the YWCA draws together members who strive to create opportunities for growth, leadership and empowerment in order to attain a common vision: peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.

We have a special focus on working for and with young women and fostering the development of young women's leadership. For example we require 30% of all decision making boards within YWCA Australia to be women under 30.

In Australia, the YWCA is represented in over 100 sites in all States and Territories, and currently delivers services to more than a quarter of a million women, men and children each year, throughout rural, regional and metropolitan Australia.

For More information visit their website.



Social 8, Adelaide's leading social club for predominately business and professional single people. We are also Adelaide's only social club with a filter system.  We are NOT an introductory agency or dating agency.

We provide a membership based social club for you to meet new people, expand your social circle, make new friends and hopefully find that special person to enjoy a successful relationship with. Our members are generally business and professional single people, people who enjoy having a career. Our members also enjoy socialising over dinners and participating in stimulating conversation while enjoying great food and beverages. It is ideal also for people new to Adelaide or for people who are newly single. Our members range in ages from 30 to 65 with all events and dinners being co-ordinated within your age group. Intelligent people in an elegant environment with no expectation from you except to be enjoy a nice night out. What can be easier?

Social 8 provides for you the following:

  • a strong filter system on who our members are. Feel relaxed and confident knowing you are dining with people we have met in person.
  • We interview every potential new member to ensure our program is suited to them and offer membership only to those who we believe are suitable to our program
  • carefully selected restaurants ensuring the environment is suited to forming new friendships. Our restaurants provide round tables for six for ease of conversation, discrete service and individual bills for only what you have ordered for food and beverages. Our restaurants are all centrally located with easy parking.
  • Each dinner is attended by three ladies and three men within your age group. Age groups are split into approximately 30-40, 35-45, 40-50, 45-55, 50-60, 55-65. Name place cards with only your first name are provided at the setting and a policy of not asking for phone numbers or dates places our members in a comfortable position to simply enjoy the evening
  • dinner follow-up and co-ordination of requested exchanging of contact details for friendship or dating.
  • opportunities to dine out regularly plus attend our events such as wine tasting evenings, cooking classes, life coaching workshops and for those who enjoy meeting people in large numbers, invites to events such as our annual Quiz Night or Christmas Show
    Our program has been enjoying terrific success now for over four years.

The secret to our success is easy. We are committed to three areas. A strong filter system on who our members are; providing a comfortable environment enabling you to relax and be yourself; and lastly provide as many opportunities for you to meet as many people as possible.

For you to enjoy success in your social life, we believe you need to be empowered to be yourself. We are all special and unique and possess many qualities that are not instantly apparent. We simply need the opportunity to be able to show how wonderful we are. This is difficult to achieve in the pubs and clubs or on the internet. Social 8 helps you to do this at our member only dinners and events. We encourage you to keep an open mind as to who potentially your life partner could be together with encouraging you to network and expand your social circle through our members providing you with more opportunities to meet new people. The more people you meet, the greater your chance of success.

For more information visit their website.

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