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Life Coaching

Living You

Living You

From the Students of Mitcham Girls High School, Adelaide


“I enjoyed it and learnt more about myself”

“It was great – I loved it. It taught me that my problems are not the worst problems in the world. It showed me that I should never give up – always continue going on”

“I had a lot of fun – thank you. I learnt to enjoy life and even though you have problems you can get through them”

“It was useful to see where I could go, and how to get the Positive thinking going”

“It was good, involvement was excellent and not boring”

“Showed me a new pathway”

“It was really good, coz it made me think what life means, my strengths & weaknesses & tolerations. It was real good fun! Thanks”

“It was an interesting look at where I am at”

“It was an eye opener”

“It was all good – everything was so inspiring”

“It has made me think differently, and has given me things to take away”

“I got to be honest with myself. It gave me the opportunity to really spend time looking within”

“Made me understand the importance of feeling good about myself”

“Made me see what my vales really are and identify better with others”

“That life is what you make it… I really enjoyed the day and it made me appreciate and value what I have. I now have the ability to make life how I want it!”

“Opened my eyes and encouraged me”

“I learnt that failure isn’t the end”

“It has given me the motivation to finish year 12”

“I was able to learn a lot more about myself, discovering my vision ensured my future… Thank you”

“It meant a great deal and has been a positive awakening”

“I liked finding out strengths I didn’t know I had”

“The session was great, I learnt that even though life sucks I know I have ways to deal with it”

“It was awesome”

“Even though school is never especially important to me, this particular session I found extremely valuable by way of presenting and discovering my own personal values. Thanks”

“It was good – got me really thinking about how I can live a more fulfilling life. It helped me identify my strengths and ways in which I self sabotage”

“I am not the kind of person who reflects on themselves so this helps thanks”

“I learnt not to trust luck, and I am responsible to make my life happen how I want it to go”


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