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Magic Marketing

Magic Marketing

How would you like to take the mystery out of your marketing and increase your leads, then sales and profits … dramatically?

For many business owners, marketing is a mystery at best; and at worst it is an annoying line in their Profit & Loss that never seems quite justified. But marketing is much more than any of that … In fact, marketing is YOUR ANSWER to:

•             increasing the number of leads coming into your business

•             increasing the quality of the leads coming into your business

•             increasing your sales and your gross revenue p.a.

•             growing your profits

•             improving and differentiating your brand so your prospects choose you above your competitors

Many business owners are missing opportunities left and right for leads, sales and increased revenue, and profits, even quality of life! If you’re like most business owners, this could be the case for you too - simply because you’ve never been taught that all-important marketing ‘know how’.

That’s why we’ve decided to change all that over an exciting 3-hour “how to”, information packed Workshop – a Workshop that finally gives you and your team that all important knowledge that unlocks the keys to winning marketing.

Consider the power to you and your business of you learning this ‘know how’ for yourself…

Don’t worry - you don’t need to be the “creative type”. For a lot of business owners, marketing seems so foreign because it’s outside their normal scope, which is why we’ve done a lot of that work for you so you can move quickly and easily to implement these ideas and benefit. Just as you’ve spent years honing your skills at what you do, we’ve done the same in helping people unlock the keys to how to grow their businesses.

Date: 22nd May 2012
Time: 8:45am
Location: 10 X Boardroom, Level 4, 81 Flinders St, Adelaide 5000

To Register phone Claire Trevelyan on 8205 6272

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